Big Business in Little Tamriel

The East Skyrim Company

Hex’s Journal
Entry 01
Date: Last Seed 28

Okay….well never really kept a journal before, but seeing mother insists guess I’ll give it a whirl. Might as well start with the basics. My real name is Quinlaria Valorro and I’m a female Warlock. Never been good with written or cooking, hates dogs, loves plums, blah blah blah. Hmmm oh oh I know what I can write about. A little while ago a dragonborn was looking to form a mercenary company called the East Skyrim Company. He seemed decent enough so I took a chance and joined up. Besides with Broc….gone for now money was tight anyways. Now we got ourselves a pretty okay little group. The dragonborn is called Wrex, but we got a human male, a shifter female, and a….hmmmm not really sure what to call the last one except Bug. Don’t get me wrong though Bug is pretty awesome and we’ve bonded a bit over shiny things. Oh right we just got a new member named N’ness. She seems okay enough but she has an awful little demon dog named something or other.

Sam 0160

Anyways…we had a little party at the Busted Barrel a few days ago and we actually had a few jobs since then. We found N’ness surrounded by baddies in a cave where we were sent to collect some special flower for Siranthia. The Bug got dragged under the water and got dinged up pretty bad but all in all it was a good job in the end. We’re mercenaries after all so are search for loot won’t exactly be all walks in the park. We got to rest up quick and prepare ourselves in Brownfoot’s Plum Orchard to stake out. Found out the local kids Dave and David we the ones taken the trees….pfffft. Although on the stakeout we ran into a bunch of creepy underground crawlers.

Next day we all got up and headed back to the ‘Barrel and Gibbs just had to be the first one to slip up on my old name. Although he just called me Quincy….which is far worse and one of the reasons I had my name change to begin with. The group met Ringo from the Crimson Carvan there as well. He is the only surviving member of the escort that were transporting some dwarf’s goods. We agreed to meet with the dwarf once he is all patched up and discuss some things to see if they’ll pay us a good amount to take over the guard duty while they finish their journey to Anvil.


While we waited we heard about some trouble over at the school house. Poor old Glen..I mean Sir Astral had some trouble with his familiar, Bartholomew. It appears dear Astral left one of his experiments unattended while he went off to teach, leaving Bartholomew alone with it in his lab. Whatever his exact experiment was it seems to have mutated his familiar and that led to Bartholomew thinking he was in charge and locked Astral out. Now I know Glen and I never really seen eye to eye but I do know he’s extremely gifted and he was once the first ranked mage employed by the Blackwood Company so if he needed outside help I knew it must have been something messy. After playing ‘cat and mice’ we popped his familiar back into it’s rightful place. Although not really sure if that will bring him back to normal when he reappears or if he’ll still have the taint in him. I actually almost walked out of the place with Glen’s research journal but found something else he had been apparently keeping for me. It’s an Ice Scythe and…actually come to think of it the door had shut him out so I just grabbed it and didn’t even say thank you. I did hand back his journal though and Dakkon took a fancy rug that we put in our base.


Well I guess this wraps up this entry for now. Still waiting on our meeting with the dwarf. In the meantime might go back to Glen and tell him thank you face to face. Granted he might not even want to see me but worth a shot.

-Hex Duldune

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